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Virtual Funerals, Here’s What You Need to Know for the New Normal

Women attending funeral online

The safe way to attend a funeral, online.

Like most of you, I’ve never been advised to “shelter in place” and the term “social distancing” was not a part of my vernacular. But the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed all that, and many of our loved ones, especially our elders or those with compromised immune systems, are in danger.

How are we going to celebrate their lives should they succumb to the virus in the coming days, weeks and months? How are we going to honor those who will pass away by natural causes, or sadly, by tragedy during these times when gathering together is not possible? The populations who will most likely die in the largest proportion are going to be the elderly. Therefore the people who would have been attending the funeral or life celebration are also going to be 60 years or older. The elderly population with underlying health issues is most susceptible to this virus. Clearly the last thing we need is coming together and putting people at risk. At the same time, surrounding one another is exactly what we need in times of sorrow.

It’s crucial to give ourselves, as well as the family and friends of the departed, a time and place to grieve. Experts are saying this virus may be around for months. Where is the best place to do this to insure the safety of all? The answer is virtually on your phone, tablet or computer. Continue reading

A sweet idea to personalize a celebration of life

Aunt Ida's Poppy Seed Cookies

Wow these poppy seed cookies look wonderful! What a good idea for a celebration of life, serve your loved ones favorite treat that they were known for. As a bonus, provide friends and family with the recipe.

I heard a wonderful story on NPR the other night while driving home. It’s about the Brass sisters known as the Queens of Comfort Food from Cambridge Massachusetts.  They tell the story of how, in their younger years, the sisters would go over to their Aunt Ida’s house and watch the TV show Dallas and get caught up. Continue reading

Idea for a thoughtful gift to hand out at a funeral

Recipe Card Idea for Funeral

Great idea for a funeral or celebration of life print a couple recipes of dishes your loved one was known for and share them with guests.

In speaking with a customer today, she asked if I had any ideas of what she could do to personalize a celebration of life that she was holding for her sister. In our discussion she ended up giving me a great idea that I thought I’d share with you. Continue reading

Memory Cards Used at a Friend’s Funeral

Last week, I attended the memorial service of a husband of one of my good friends. While I often help provide customers with ideas to celebrate the life of loved one, it’s rare that I’m called upon to help a friend with ideas to personalize a memorial service.

Funeral Cards

My Special Memory of You cards where friends and family share their memories of your loved on. These cards can be handed down to generations to come.

I felt fortunate that it’s a subject that I happen to know a bit about and my friend Sally really appreciated it. Continue reading

A Great Creative Way to Capture Memories of a Loved One

Large martini glass to hold memories of your loved one. What a great idea for a funeral service or Celebration of Life.

I was inspired today by a customer who told me she was planning her mother-in-law’s funeral and she came up with a great idea. Her mother-in-law loved to drink martinis, so she is going to have friends and family write their memories on a nice piece of cardstock, and then they will put their memories in an oversized martini glass.

Continue reading