Do It Yourself Funeral or Memorial Favor Idea

A customer told me she was busy baking clay butterflies and hearts to give away at the celebration of life she was in charge of planning. She told me how much she enjoyed the process of making each and every one of them. I thought, what a great idea!

All she did is buy Sculpey Polymer Clay which can be found at most craft stores. She rolled colors she liked together (it’s sort of like play-doh it stays soft until you bake it). When you bake it looks and feels like clay. It can be sanded, drilled, carved or painted. Perhaps you

could add your loved ones name on the back. Get the kids and grandkids involved,

what a great was to celebrate a life and then share what you made.

Another DIY Funeral Favor idea, memory stones that friends and family can write their memories on and keep as an everlasting reminder of your loved one.

Memory Stones that you write on

Wow, DIY memory stones that you can write on. What a great way for friends and family to pay tribute to the departed.



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