Idea for a thoughtful gift to hand out at a funeral

Recipe Card Idea for Funeral

Great idea for a funeral or celebration of life print a couple recipes of dishes your loved one was known for and share them with guests.

In speaking with a customer today, she asked if I had any ideas of what she could do to personalize a celebration of life that she was holding for her sister. In our discussion she ended up giving me a great idea that I thought I’d share with you. Her sister loved to cook and was known for making a couple dishes that family and friends always requested. She decided to have the recipe cards printed and personalized with her sister’s name on them and distribute them at the celebration of her life. She loved that her sister’s legacy of being a fabulous cook would be carried on in kitchens and enjoyed for years to come. Great idea!

Recipes for funeral with ribbon

Hold cards together with matching ribbon.


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