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A Tattoo on a Memory Stone, Such a Great Idea for a Funeral Favor!

A stone with the graphic of your loved one's tattoo. Perfect everlasting keepsake.

A stone with the graphic of your loved one’s tattoo. Perfect everlasting keepsake.

Recently we received a call from a mother asking if we could put the image of her son’s tattoo on a memory stone. She wanted his friends and their family to have an everlasting keepsake of the tattoo that her son, Jerrod designed


tattoo on memory stones

What would be the perfect memory stone for your loved one? Let’s see if we can create an everlasting funeral favor, memory stone to celebrate your loved one’s life.

Front and back of custom stone

Memory Stone with Tattoo, loved one’s name can be on the other side.

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How I Planned a Memorial Candle Lighting For My Young Friend Forrest

Forrest and I Cropped 2

Forrest (Left) and me before Prom
Forrest Peck 1989-2013

Guest Contributor:  CJ Doherty Age:  23

On February 3, 2013, I lost one of my best friends, Forrest Peck.  Forrest was the first person to offer me his friendship and guidance when I changed schools my senior year of high school.   He died in a car crash at the age of 23.  I got the call from my friend that he had passed and it hit me hard. Continue reading

Celebration of Life Balloon Release

Photos of each year of your loved one’s life are attached to a balloon, note the photos are at eye level.

Here is a great idea for turning a funeral into a true celebration of life, attach a photo from each year of your loved one’s life to a balloon. Choose a balloon color that was a favorite of your departed. On each photo, mark the year the person was when it was taken. Continue reading

A Couple of Poems You May Like to Use for Funeral or Celebration of Life

Now and then I come across some poems that are perfect for a funeral, life celebration or memorial service that you may be planning. These would be nice to put on a funeral folder, memorial card, funeral gift or perhaps on our forget me not bookmarks.
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In Lieu of Flowers, Consider Memorial Seed Cards as a Funeral Gift

Cross Seed Wildflower Memorial Cards

Plant the cross and wildflowers will grow

Perhaps there is a reason that the term, “in lieu of flowers” has gotten so popular. The trend seems to be that families direct well wishers to putting that money towards something more lasting and meaningful. Often people say, “in lieu of flowers please make a donation to…” and they list their loved one’s favorite charity. While it’s been a tradition at weddings to provide a little something such as a keepsake gift or wedding favor, now funeral favors or gifts are becoming a popular option to sending flowers or making a donation. Continue reading