Celebration of Life Balloon Release

Photos of each year of your loved one’s life are attached to a balloon, note the photos are at eye level.

Here is a great idea for turning a funeral into a true celebration of life, attach a photo from each year of your loved one’s life to a balloon. Choose a balloon color that was a favorite of your departed. On each photo, mark the year the person was when it was taken. If you don’t have exact years, an approximation is okay. The idea is to show them smiling throughout their life. After the service, friends and family can each be handed a balloon and can go outside for a balloon release.

What a great funeral gift,  memorial service gift or celebration of life gift. Thoughtful and it will add such a special and personal touch to the service. Also, it doesn’t cost very much considering funeral flowers average about $120 (and they die shortly after the service). This memory lasts forever!


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