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What to say when you are scattering a loved one’s ashes?



Final word to her mother before scattering her ashes. It’s never easy finding the right words to say at such an emotional time.

This poem or verse was written by Jennifer Levenson,  for the spreading of her father’s ashes. Jennifer generously offered it to us in the hopes that others might find it useful. We both hope you will find it helpful when you are  looking for what to say as you  scatter a loved one’s ashes.

At the End
Jennifer Levenson 2008

We stand as testament to your will
That governs us post mortem still
You wanted that we bring you here
In words unambivalent and clear
To spend your afterlife at ease
Scattered near your favourite trees Continue reading

Scattering Ashes in the San Francisco Bay

A close friend reading a very warm and touching tribute to Ken

You’d think being in the funeral industry, I’d attend a lot of funerals or life celebrations. I guess fortunately for me that’s not been the case. However, today I paid tribute to a former co-worker by joining a group of old friends on the San Francisco Bay for the scattering of Ken’s ashes. There were a couple of nice touches that made the scattering very personal. Continue reading