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Eulogy for Father From Son of Stephen Furst

Eulogy for father from son of Stephen Furst

Stephen Furst as “Flounder” in Animal House

If you’ve ever seen Animal House, you will surely remember Stephen Furst who played “Flounder”.   Stephen passed away on June 17, 2017 from complications from diabetes at only 63 years old.

I was touched by what his sons Nathan and Griffith posted on Facebook about their father. Continue reading

Eulogy for Daughter- Heather Heyer’s mom delivers amazing eulogy

Eulogy for daughter.   It’s clear where Heather Heyer got her courage, her mother, Susan Bro.  Susan delivered an incredible eulogy for her daughter who was killed at a rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017. Delivering a eulogy is never easy but imagine trying to compose yourself to give a eulogy for your daughter who was run over while she was protesting a white supremacist rally.

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New Modern Funeral Guest Book Ideas

Willow funeral register book

Willow blue memory book

Most funeral or memorial services have a guest book or register books. A typical memorial guest book has a place for the loved one’s photo and then lined pages for friends and family to sign in.

While this is traditionally the way it’s been done, I believe there are some ways to improve the books to make them more of a keepsake for generations to come. What value will a book with people’s names in it have to the next generation?

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Idea, Bring your Loved Ones’ Dog to Their Memorial Service or Funeral

Dana and her loyal rescued dog, Grit.

Dana and her loyal rescued dog, Grit.

Many people (including myself) consider our dogs part of our family. If you are planning a funeral, memorial service or celebration of life, consider bringing the departed’s dog to the service. Obviously, it will need to be a well behaved dog(s). Dogs have a great ability to heal and make people feel better – just what friends and family need at a celebration of life. Click on the video of Dana Clair Edwards’ family talking about how they added a very unique and personal touch to her celebration of life Continue reading

A Celebration of Life Idea, A Memory Tree, to Capture Memories

A memory tree is a place to capture special memories of your loved one. Family and friends take a card and write their memory on the card and then tie the card onto the tree branch. After the service, the tree can be put in a special place where you can go to it and read all the memories shared or you can take off the cards and put them in a special box where you can go back and read them from time to time.  For people that prefer not to be given flowers, this would make a nice memorial or funeral do-it-yourself gift.