A Couple of Poems You May Like to Use for Funeral or Celebration of Life

Now and then I come across some poems that are perfect for a funeral, life celebration or memorial service that you may be planning. These would be nice to put on a funeral folder, memorial card, funeral gift or perhaps on our forget me not bookmarks.
There is a little flower
With a name that means a lot,
It’s called the forget me not.
And as you gently tend to them
always think of me.
And in the spring when life begins anew
For I am in you and you are in me
I will always live in your heart
As long as you Forget Me Not…

The second poem is:
Although we seem so far apart,
You’re always here within our hearts.
You filled our lives with joy and pleasure
You were to us a precious treasure.
A little while shall pass and then,
We’ll see each other once again.
Loved, remembered and held so dear,
In minds and hearts you’re always here.

The forget me not poem would be ideal on these forget me not pouches. The pouches are a funeral favor that are handed out to friends and family who attend the service. They will take the pouch away and plant forget me nots in memory of the departed. Your loved ones name will be put on the card.


Forget me Not pouches, an ideal funeral favor to hand out to friends and family.








For more funeral poems that are perfect for the memorial service or 
life celebration click here.

2 responses to “A Couple of Poems You May Like to Use for Funeral or Celebration of Life

  1. Can I order cards to go in the forget me not flower svkages? I bought the seeds already and I want the forget me not poem on the back of the package.
    Patty Hardy

  2. Poems about funeral always help
    here is one very nice poem
    As far from pity as complaint,
    As cool to speech as stone,
    As numb to revelation
    As if my trade were bone.
    As far from time as history,
    As near yourself to-day
    As children to the rainbow’s scarf,
    Or sunset’s yellow play
    To eyelids in the sepulchre.
    How still the dancer lies,
    While color’s revelations break,
    And blaze the butterflies!


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