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13 Things a Funeral Director Won’t Tell You

Pre Plan But Don't Pre Pay for a Funeral

Pre-Plan But Don’t Pre-Pay for a Funeral

Here’s an article with some really great insights from Readers Digest. One of my favorites is, don’t prepay for your funeral.  If the funeral home goes out of business your money could be gone.


Open Casket: How to Memorialize your Loved One by Personalizing an Open Casket

When I attended my aunt’s Catholic funeral as a child, I remember looking at a very sterile body in the open casket with a rosary wrapped around her hands. There were flowers on top of the casket but that was about it. That was almost 40 years ago and times have changed. Families are requesting more of a personal touch at funerals and the emphasis seems to have shifted to more of a celebration of life, and with that what goes in an open casket with the departed is changing also. Continue reading