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Might You Wish You Had A Funeral Photographer?

funeral_photographer photo back of hearse laughing

Nibs Southall treasures this photo taken as her husband’s casket was put into a hearse. She often reflects back on this image and the tattoo with his initial showing on her neck.

A recent BBC news article explores a growing interest in funeral photography, and the featured woman’s story inspired me to write this post. The woman, Nibs Southall, explains in the article that she often looks back at the photos of her husband Nick’s funeral—and that there’s one to which she always returns. In the picture (see above), she sees herself facing the hearse, back to the camera. The tattoo on her back, which Nick had too, reads “N”. Suited men flank her on either side. The solemn scene is broken by their wide grins. Continue reading

How I Planned a Memorial Candle Lighting For My Young Friend Forrest

Forrest and I Cropped 2

Forrest (Left) and me before Prom
Forrest Peck 1989-2013

Guest Contributor:  CJ Doherty Age:  23

On February 3, 2013, I lost one of my best friends, Forrest Peck.  Forrest was the first person to offer me his friendship and guidance when I changed schools my senior year of high school.   He died in a car crash at the age of 23.  I got the call from my friend that he had passed and it hit me hard. Continue reading

My Godfather’s Funeral That Touched My Heart


My Wonderful Godfather
Thomas Kennedy Helm III

Guest Contributor: Gussie Jonckheer age 28

On March 15, 2013 the world lost a true Southern gentleman, Thomas Kennedy Helm III. Thomas was an amazing lawyer and I was lucky enough to have him as my godfather. He unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 66. The moment I found out about his death, I was planning my trip to Louisville, KY to be a part of the Celebration of his Life and what a beautiful celebration it was. Continue reading

Having a Funeral or a celebration of your life BEFORE you die

I hope to have the opportunity to have a large gathering of my friends and family for a party before I die. In the case of Scott Nelson, he was lucky enough to have a celebration of his life three weeks before he passed away. Continue reading

A Great Creative Way to Capture Memories of a Loved One

Large martini glass to hold memories of your loved one. What a great idea for a funeral service or Celebration of Life.

I was inspired today by a customer who told me she was planning her mother-in-law’s funeral and she came up with a great idea. Her mother-in-law loved to drink martinis, so she is going to have friends and family write their memories on a nice piece of cardstock, and then they will put their memories in an oversized martini glass.

Continue reading