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Ideas for Remembrance and Memorial Gifts for Hospices and Hospitals

Hospices and hospitals often give small gifts or tokens of remembrance to family members or patients.  These gifts can help people grieve and give them a sense of community with other people who are attending the ceremony or memorial service.  Natural items such as flowers or trees are very comforting because they grow and provide a living reminder of a loved one they may have lost.  Memorial coins are another nice gift because they are small and have a sense of permanence. The memorial coins can be carried in a purse, pocket, or on a key chain.  More information and ideas on hospice, hospital memorial gifts are available here. For more information on each item, click on the photo.

Plantable seed card bookmarks

Memorial bookmarks have a plantable seed card shape that can be removed and planted in memory of a loved one who passed. Shapes are either butterflies, crosses, or hearts and come in a variety of colors

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“My Special Memory of You” Cards Deserve an Academy Award

Academy award best product funeral industry

Academy award best product funeral industry

I guess I still have the academy awards on my mind. It’s great to see a movie like The Kings Speech win. What I loved about the movie was what it wasn’t. It wasn’t full of special effects or violence. Instead great acting of a heart warming story of someone overcoming a disability under an extraordinary amount of pressure mostly due to the family he was born into.

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