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Memorial Service Idea – Plantable Photo Memorial Cards

Plantable Flower Photo Card

Great idea, memorial card one side is a photo of your loved one, the other side has a shape you can plant.

After offering our very popular line of plantable memorial, funeral, celebration of life cards and bookmarks, we were often asked if we could add a photo to the cards. So we took your suggestion, and now offer a line of memorial photo cards. Continue reading

Unique Ideas turning a Funeral into a Celebration of Life- Get Creative with Photos

A great way to display photos for a memorial service while creating a family heirloom at the same time

A great way to display photos for a memorial service while creating a family heirloom at the same time

If you are anything like me, you have boxes of old photos.  While I have a computer and iphone full of recent photos, it’s the older photos that seem to capture a time and place so well. Continue reading

Memory Cards Used at a Friend’s Funeral

Last week, I attended the memorial service of a husband of one of my good friends. While I often help provide customers with ideas to celebrate the life of loved one, it’s rare that I’m called upon to help a friend with ideas to personalize a memorial service.

Funeral Cards

My Special Memory of You cards where friends and family share their memories of your loved on. These cards can be handed down to generations to come.

I felt fortunate that it’s a subject that I happen to know a bit about and my friend Sally really appreciated it. Continue reading

New Tokens of Remembrance to Share at a Celebration of Life

Angel Pocket Pewter Charm

Angel Pocket Charm for Funeral or Celebration of Life

As you may know, memorial or funeral favors are commonly distributed to family and friends attending a celebration of life. We’ve done really well with our heart pocket charms so we’ve extended the line to include pocket pewter angel and shamrock or clover pocket charms. The heart, clover or angel can be kept in a pocket or special place and when they come across it they will reflect on how special the departed was. Continue reading

Five Most Popular Funeral Gifts

Heart Wildlflower Funeral Card

Heart Wildlflower Funeral Card

After the loss of a loved one, it helps to have objects around that help you remember the good times you had together.  It can be very healing to light a candle or wear jewelry that reminds you of your loved one.  In remembering the person, you pay tribute to the memories and special relationship you had together.

If you are attending  a funeral, you may want something to express your sympathy to the family or to give to the other guests and family members.  A small item given out to everyone allows them to take home something to look at and keep, to remember and honor the person who is gone. Continue reading