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3 Cool Funeral Ideas

Are you looking for some cool funeral ideas that will turn the funeral you are planning into a memorable celebration of life?

1. Use Memory Stones to Create a Special Tribute

write on memory stones

Cool Funeral idea, have guests write a tribute on memory stones

Use memory stones as a guest book. At the memorial service friends and family are invited to write on the memory stones. You can then keep the stones and remember the tributes people made to your loved one.  The memory stones would be nice to add to the base of a plant in your home or garden. It’s a beautiful way to keep the memory of the departed alive. You can find memorial memory stones here. Continue reading

Celebration of Life Balloon Release

Photos of each year of your loved one’s life are attached to a balloon, note the photos are at eye level.

Here is a great idea for turning a funeral into a true celebration of life, attach a photo from each year of your loved one’s life to a balloon. Choose a balloon color that was a favorite of your departed. On each photo, mark the year the person was when it was taken. Continue reading