Five Class Reunion Memorial Ideas

I’ve selected five of my favorite ideas for creating a lasting tribute at a class reunion to classmates you’ve loved and lost.

1. Create a Poster with the Yearbook Photos of the Departed

Class Reunion Memorial Poster

Poster From Yearbook Photos of Classmates who have passed

The Memorial poster can be displayed in many ways:
• On an easel atop a small table in the reception area next to a small bouquet of flowers and/or a candle.
• Drape a string of flowers around the edges of the posters.
• Have a card for each deceased classmate where attendees can write their special memories of the departed. After the reunion send the remarks to the classmate’s family .

2. Have a Candle Lighting Ceremony

Candle Lighting Service at a Class Reunion

Candle Lighting Service at a Class Reunion

Distribute candles and lighters to classmates. Dim the lights in the room. On the candle the name of the departed is written. When that person’s name is read the candle is lit. When all of the names have been read and all the candles lit, the lights can be turned off in the room. A song such as “Amazing Grace” or a poem or verse can be read. Consider taking photos and sending them to the families of the departed.

3. Create a Memory Tree

Class Reunion Memorial Tree with Tags Made From Yearbook Photos

Class Reunion Memorial Tree with Tags Made From Yearbook Photos

• Copy yearbook photos onto tags.
• In a frame you can list the names of the departed
• Light votive candles around the memorial tree

4. Write Memories on “My Special Memory of You” cards, give to family

My Special Memory of You Cards for Funeral

Cards for Classmates to Share Their Memories

Have classmates write their special memory of the departed. They can write the name of the departed on the top of the card and sign it. After the reunion, the cards can be given to the family of the departed. They are available for purchase here: Memorial gifts and cards

5. Give each Classmate a Plantable Bookmark, Forget-Me-Not Flowers will Grow in their Memory

Plantable Forget-Me-Not Butterfly Bookmarks.

Plantable Forget-Me-Not Butterfly Bookmarks.

• List each of the departed on the butterfly bookmark.
• When the butterfly is planted, forget-me-not flowers will grow in their memory
• The bookmark can still be used, and each time they see it, they will remember their classmates.

For more helpful memorial ideas click here.

5 responses to “Five Class Reunion Memorial Ideas

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  2. Shirley Alexander Gabriel

    We went with an elaborate memorial table last reunion–a lot of work, but it was really nice. This time, I’m saving some of my time and ordering a special wreath in our school colors. I’ll make name tags for all the ones who are no longer living to exactly match the ones we will all be wearing at the reunion (with pic of mascot). The name tags for the departed can be adhered (using self-stick tags) to cardstock, cut to size, and pinned into place around the wreath.
    I will store the wreath in a container in my attic until the next reunion, and hope we will not have to add more name tags.
    I do like some of you ideas too.

  3. Betty (Kruger) Lacefield

    My first choice is #1 – the most practical & doable. Second is #5, something we can always have after the reunion.



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