A Great Creative Way to Capture Memories of a Loved One

Large martini glass to hold memories of your loved one. What a great idea for a funeral service or Celebration of Life.

I was inspired today by a customer who told me she was planning her mother-in-law’s funeral and she came up with a great idea. Her mother-in-law loved to drink martinis, so she is going to have friends and family write their memories on a nice piece of cardstock, and then they will put their memories in an oversized martini glass.

She said then her mother-in-law’s martini glass will always be full!
I asked her what she will do with the martini glass full of the special memories, and she said she was first going to copy all of the memories onto one document and send it to close family and friends, so everyone’s memories of her mother-in-law would be shared. She then planned to put all the cards back in the glass and put it at the bar at their family cabin, and every summer when they are having a drink at the bar, they’ll hold up their glasses and toast to her.
What a creative way to celebrate a loved one’s life.
A beer mug, beer pitcher, large wine glass or just about any other container that had significance to the departed would also work.

If your loved one was a beer drinker, a beer pitcher would be the perfect container to hold their memories


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