The Celebration of Bill Canning’s Well-Lived Life

Bill Canning happy outdoors with his best buddy.

Bill Canning happy outdoors with his best buddy.

Now and then we are fortunate enough to come across people who have “The Ripple Effect”.

The Ripple Effect:  Putting your energy into others by generously sharing your passions and beliefs, your positive effect on others can be followed outwards incrementally influencing and changing people’s lives.

One such person was Bill Canning aka “Wild Bill”. Bill Canning passed after living 82 wonderful years. Bill was my friend Candra’s father. Candra always talked about the fabulous relationship she had with her father and when I saw them together I could see in their fun banter how much they loved each other.

When I was invited to his celebration of life and saw the location was a winery in Northern California, I knew this wasn’t going to be just another funeral. Another hint, we were instructed to wear cowboy attire since Bill was a cattle rancher and almond farmer. Continue reading

Five Uplifting Funeral Songs that Turn a Funeral into a Celebration of Life

The following songs have uplifting lyrics that may relate to the life that your loved one led.

 1. One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey Featuring Boyz II Men

This song  uplifts the spirit with a chorus of  “and I know eventually we’ll be together, one sweet day.” This may bring some peace as family and friends grieve. Continue reading

Mary Hickey- Found a niche and filled it

Thinking of shedding a stable career to dive head first into a new challenge? Get some advice from other women who launched their own companies and have never been happier. Click to read how we started Renaissance Urn company and I hope I can inspire you to follow your dreams. You’ll see it’s not always an easy road but one certainly worth taking. Thanks Amanda Orr for writing Career 2.0, it was wonderful to connect with you again.  Career 2.0 Mary Hickey

A Star Wars Funeral, The Perfect Tribute to Young Jack Robinson

I believe this is the first time I’ve written about a true celebration of life for a young child. Hopefully the story of Jack Robinson’s Star Wars send off will inspire you to get creative and turn a funeral into a celebration of life…for even a young life.


Star Wars Funeral Procession for Jack Robinson

Image Continue reading

A Great Example of a Creative Well Written Obituary

Had to share this wonderful obituary. I would have liked to share a chocolate chip cookie with Leonard M. Smith. My favorite part is the last paragraph…

Leonard M. Smith

Smith, Leonard M.
Leonard Mason Smith, 86, a veteran of World War II and Korea and longtime resident of Pine Island, Florida passed away on November 27th, 2013.
Leonard Smith was a very private man. If you wanted to know his cause of death, he would have told you that it was none of your business. If you asked Penny, his beloved wife, she would tell you that he had cancer, but not to tell anyone. Continue reading