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Great memorial verse for Mom

Butterfly Forget Me Not Plantable Funeral Cards

Butterfly Forget Me Not Plantable Funeral Cards

butterflyforgetmenotinsideToday, a customer purchased our plantable butterfly forget-me-not memorial cards for her mother’s celebration of life. I was touched by the words she chose for the cards. Continue reading

Celebration of Life Balloon Release

Photos of each year of your loved one’s life are attached to a balloon, note the photos are at eye level.

Here is a great idea for turning a funeral into a true celebration of life, attach a photo from each year of your loved one’s life to a balloon. Choose a balloon color that was a favorite of your departed. On each photo, mark the year the person was when it was taken. Continue reading

Next Gen Memorials mentioned on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle Creative Ideas for Cremation

Next Gen Memorials in San Francisco Chronicle Creative Funerals

A copy of the San Francisco Chronicle Creative Funerals articles featuring our plantable bookmarks, cross plantable cards and pewter heart charms funeral favor

We were pleased to be included in a front page article in our hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle about new creative ideas for cremation. Our plantable seed cards and plantable butterfly seed forget-me-not bookmarks, and pocket pewter charm memorial favors were featured. One of our customers was interviewed and was quoted, “My mother-in-law collected butterflies and loved to read, we’re all presonalizing our services in ways we never would have thought of years ago, and those bookmarks were perfect.” Thanks Shirley Krenske! http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Cremation-Ashes-to-diamonds-or-moon-dust-3743943.php

Idea for a thoughtful gift to hand out at a funeral

Recipe Card Idea for Funeral

Great idea for a funeral or celebration of life print a couple recipes of dishes your loved one was known for and share them with guests.

In speaking with a customer today, she asked if I had any ideas of what she could do to personalize a celebration of life that she was holding for her sister. In our discussion she ended up giving me a great idea that I thought I’d share with you. Continue reading

Memory Cards Used at a Friend’s Funeral

Last week, I attended the memorial service of a husband of one of my good friends. While I often help provide customers with ideas to celebrate the life of loved one, it’s rare that I’m called upon to help a friend with ideas to personalize a memorial service.

Funeral Cards

My Special Memory of You cards where friends and family share their memories of your loved on. These cards can be handed down to generations to come.

I felt fortunate that it’s a subject that I happen to know a bit about and my friend Sally really appreciated it. Continue reading