Ideas for Remembrance and Memorial Gifts for Hospices and Hospitals

Hospices and hospitals often give small gifts or tokens of remembrance to family members or patients.  These gifts can help people grieve and give them a sense of community with other people who are attending the ceremony or memorial service.  Natural items such as flowers or trees are very comforting because they grow and provide a living reminder of a loved one they may have lost.  Memorial coins are another nice gift because they are small and have a sense of permanence. The memorial coins can be carried in a purse, pocket, or on a key chain.  More information and ideas on hospice, hospital memorial gifts are available here. For more information on each item, click on the photo.

Plantable seed card bookmarks

Memorial bookmarks have a plantable seed card shape that can be removed and planted in memory of a loved one who passed. Shapes are either butterflies, crosses, or hearts and come in a variety of colors

Butterfly cards memorial token of remembrance

Butterfly cards can be filled out and hung from a branch or small tree. These work well at a group event, where family members can write a dedication on a card and hang it on the tree.

Memorial tree seedlings wrapped in burlap

These memorial tress wrapped in burlap can be given out to be planted as a living memorial to the loved one they lost.

Memorial seed pouches with forget-me-not flower seeds

These memorial velvet pouches contain forget-me-not seeds that can be planted to grow beautiful flowers. The card contains a dedication and planting instructions.

Memorial pocket rings with custom group name

Memorial pocket rings can be personalized with your organization’s name or logo to be given as tokens of remembrance or thank-you gifts. These rings can be put on a necklace or key chain or simply carried in a pocket.

Butterfly memorial pocket rings

These memorial butterfly pocket rings say on the back “to the butterfly is just the beginning”. The pocket rings can be set out on a table or given out as a token of remembrance to family members or patients’ families.

Memorial dove cards

Family members can write their memories of their loved one on the dove card and then hang the dove on a branch or tree. These are perfect idea for a memorial service so each person can see their card along with the cards of the other people at the memorial ceremony or event.

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