Unique Funeral Idea to Personalize a Memorial

Memory stones and memory cards provide a great way to personalize a celebration of life.

Memory tables are popular at funerals and celebrations of life. Why not make the memory table more personalized by adding memorial stones and memorial cards? Funeral guests can take the time to stop by the table and contribute their own memories by writing on the stones and cards.


Friends and family will take the stones with them and when they come across them at their desk or garden, they will be reminded of the departed. With “In Loving Memory” engraved on one side and the other side left blank for personalization, these memorial stones make a perfect pocket-sized token.  “My special memory of you” cards are for the family to read through and treasure for years to come.  Capturing memories by writing them down will help keep the memory and the essence of your loved one alive now and for generations to come.

One response to “Unique Funeral Idea to Personalize a Memorial

  1. This is an excellent idea, and I have seen this used in a number of funeral services in Brisbane. I have also seen driftwood and pieces of paperbark etched with memories. Very meaningful.


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