Our New Funeral Memorial Metal Pocket Rings, A Wonderful Sympathy Gift

Butterfly Ring

Butterfly Memorial Ring, Consider handing out at a celebration of life

We’ve had such growth in our funeral favors and sympathy gifts line that we’ve extended it to include two new metal pocket rings. The rings come in two styles; the heart rings say on one side “In Loving Memory” and “Always in My Heart” memory_rings_in_memory_ft_bkon the other. The second, the butterfly ring says, “What The Caterpillar Perceives As The End ” and the back says “To The Butterfly Is Just The Beginning”.

So often people are looking for something unique and memorable to hand out at a funeral or celebration of life. They want a token a remembrance that family and friends can take and keep and remember their loved one when they come across it. These memorial pocket rings also make a terrific remembrance gift.

Why send flowers when these will have such a  lasting impact? They can be put in a bowl or basket, distributed with the funeral program and used as a napkin ring, a key chain or a bracelet or necklace.


The Butterfly Ring is perfect to add to a chain for a necklace

Many people will keep it in their pocket or purse and each time they see or touch it they will remember your loved one.


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