Great memorial verse for Mom

Butterfly Forget Me Not Plantable Funeral Cards

Butterfly Forget Me Not Plantable Funeral Cards

butterflyforgetmenotinsideToday, a customer purchased our plantable butterfly forget-me-not memorial cards for her mother’s celebration of life. I was touched by the words she chose for the cards.

On the left side she put:
“Until one has loved an animal, 
a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”
-Antole France

On the right side she wrote:
To our Mother,
You lived a life full of the pleasure of 
loving and giving whatever you had
to others. We could only hope to spread
as much love, kindness and affection that you 
unconditionally gave.

This really gives a sense of who her mother was and how she has inspired others by her generous and loving ways. I also liked that she expressed her mother’s love for animals.  When the butterflies are planted forget-me-not flowers will grow in memory of her mother. Wonderfully done!

Consider plantable cards and bookmarks for a gift for a funeral instead of flowers.

For more creative ideas for turning a funeral into a celebration of life click here.

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