Great Idea for Kids Dealing with Grief, Also Keep them Busy at the Life Celebration

Wondering what to do with children at the memorial service, funeral or life celebration that you are planning? Grief experts have found that children process their feeling and emotions through art. Provide paper, markers, and a table and chairs for children to draw while the service is taking place.

Emila's drawing as a tribute to her Grandpa

Experts have found that children express their grief through art. Arrange a table at the celebration of life for the kids to draw pictures.

You may want to put the drawings in a book and give it as a memorial keepsake. Emila made this drawing for her grandpa who had recently passed. She called it his death house and made every part of it happy. She drew clouds of hearts, the pink motorcycle balancing on a Christmas tree and added a friendly shark (“because he needs pets”). You’ll find many more great  ideas for planning a celebration of life here.


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