Nametags: a Necessity for a Celebration of Life

Funeral nametags

Nametags for a funeral help people remember names as well as give them a great way to connect and reminisce

Here’s an idea: Provide friends and family with nametags when they enter the life celebration.  As we get older, not only does our memory for names fade, but also our vision, so you’ll want to write in large clear print.  The most important part of nametags is to include a caption prompting for their connection to the departed.  For example, saying “How I knew Joyce” and leave a space to be filled in.  This information makes an easy icebreaker and leads to great reminiscing.  It’s easy to create your own nametags for a memorial service.  You can download a free Avery label template at  Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link.



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