A New Idea to Personalize a Memorial Service, Funeral and turn it into a Celebration of Life

Memory board kit for women, mom, grandmother, sister, daughter

Memory board kit for women, mom, grandmother, sister, daughter

We are pleased to announce a wonderful addition to the celebration of life that you might be planning,  our new memory boards. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I like to put a contemporary touch as I guide people in turning a funeral into a celebration of life.  Our new addition, the memory board, fits in perfectly with our line of products that will help you to personalize a memorial service or celebration of life.

The memory boards combine the ever popular hobby of scrapbooking with the trend of creating memory or memorial boards. The beautiful photos and mementos that you gather as a tribute to your loved one will serve as an

Stickers for personalizing the memory boards

Stickers for personalizing the memory boards

everlasting keepsake. The kit comes with everything you need to create boards that will be a focal point and gathering area at the service; 2 boards,  Photo

corners, frames, photo mats, Adhesive dots and journaling pen, Labeling stickers, meaningful quotes and sentiments and a Carrying and Storage Folder.

Case for memory kit

You’ll need to supply easels and you’ll find that most gathering establishments have easels that you can borrow.

The boards come in two styles, one masculine for men and the other feminine for women.

I’ve heard many people say that putting together memory boards, memory tables and memorial books Memorial board for men, father, grandfather, sonis a great way to gather friends and family together to reminisce.  Grief experts say it’s a very effective form of grieving.

You may want to consider putting our memory cards near the memory boards so when people are reminiscing in front of the boards they can fill out a card and share their memory of the departed.

What are you thinking?

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