Having a Funeral or a celebration of your life BEFORE you die

I hope to have the opportunity to have a large gathering of my friends and family for a party before I die. In the case of Scott Nelson, he was lucky enough to have a celebration of his life three weeks before he passed away. Friends and family recounted stories of him and told him how much they loved him BEFORE he passed away. How wonderful it would be if we all could have a celebration of our life while we were still living. It’s a trend that I hope catches on. I believe it must be therapeutic to both the person who is about to die and gets to hear heart felt messages from people you really care about as well as to the person who gets to tell you how much you meant to them while you are alive. See the link to Scott’s funeral/celebration of life called WHY WAIT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez3inMt3LYk&list=UU7UVSRUk2YF_GBK0EYjlxXQ&index=1&feature=plcp


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