Top 10 Country Funeral Songs for 2011

Last year, we told you about the top 10 funeral songs according to the visitors to our website.  Now we want to share with you the Top Ten Country Funeral Songs that people have downloaded from our interactive page at Country Funeral Songs.  Visit our page to hear a large selection of funeral country songs and read the lyrics.

Selecting the song will bring you to a page where you can read the lyrics and listen to the song to see if it is appropriate.

Remember that music plays a special role in the ceremony.  It can reflect the personality and spirit of the one you have lost.  It can also bring back memories from the life of the deceased in the minds of all the observers at the life celebration.  Take some time to select music that is appropriate for the ceremony you are planning.  For more ideas on how to select and use a funeral song, read our post  Selecting the Perfect Funeral Song.

To hear a large selection of classic, modern, and rock and roll songs that can be used for a funeral, visit Funeral Songs and Lyrics.

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Ideas for creating a unique and memorable celebration of life

3 responses to “Top 10 Country Funeral Songs for 2011

  1. is “If I die young ” by Perry approprite for a young girl of 27

  2. Enjoyed the read, somewhat inspiring 😉


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