NEW Forget-me-not Memorial Bookmarks with Seeds that Grow When Planted

Butterfly Plantable Seed Memorial Bookmarks

Plantable Seed Memorial Bookmarks Grow Forget-Me-Not Flowers When Planted

We are very pleased to introduce our new line of memorial plantable forget-me-not bookmarks. It’s long been a tradition to hand bookmarks out at funerals. Since we suggest celebrating the life that was lived, we thought it appropriate to give bookmarks a more contemporary look and feel.

When the heart, butterfly or cross shape is planted beautiful forget me not flowers will grow and remind you of your loved.

Your loved ones name and a poem are added at no additional charge. We also print and ship these super quickly. We print them and ship the next day and sometimes even the same day!

Plantable Seed Forget-me-not bookmark with cross being removed

When the cross is removed and planted, the cross is printed on the card and the bookmark is still beautiful and usable

Another great feature, when the seeded shape is removed and planted the image (butterfly, cross or heart) is printed on the bookmark so it’s still a functional and attractive bookmark. Each time you or your guests use the bookmark they will be reminded of your loved one.

We’ve only had these for about two weeks and customers are raving about them. One customer said, “My Mom was an avid reader and gardener, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect token of remembrance to distribute at her service.”

Cross Seed Bookmark

Memorial Bookmarks: Great to Celebrate the Life of the Gardener and Reader


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